About Pueraria Mirifica
This plant contains a plant-derived chemical content with highly active phytoestrogens of miroestrol, several isoflavones, and some other type of phytoestrogen that responsible for rejuvenating properties.
There are some argues about how miroestrol produced by this plants.
Some scientists hypothesized that this active phytoestrogen produced just extracted from the plant (root). However, other scientists found other natural substances of this plant that responsible in producing miroestrol. That is Deoxymiroestrol that interact with oxygen in air.

Regardless how miroestrol is produced, Thai folklore medicine has used this herb for a hundred years for rejuvenating qualities in aged women and men.
Further studies were intensively investigated the effects of P. mirifica in 1959 when scientists seeing population evidences in Thailand and traditional Thai medicine for rejuvenating properties. Thereafter, when they found the efficacy of this Thai miracle "Kwao Keur" herb, this phytochemical substance then patented as Mirofirm.

One of the studies archived in Nature. 1960 Dec 3;188:774-7 concluded "P. mirifica contains a highly active phytoestrogen that closely mimic human oestrogen".
Interestingly, the estrogenic activities of miroestrol were more powerful than other botanical sources that rich in phytoestrogen, such as black cohosh, soy or red clover.

As aging, frequent of sex, menopause, and childbirth or postpartum women, are the factors that makes their vaginal tissues become thin and loss its elasticity and tightness, the estrogenic activities of this phytoestrogen then become a best alternative sources for female renewal treatment. This is because they can regenerate vaginal tissues and overcome estrogen deficiency causing vaginal dryness, menopausal symptoms, unhealthy pH vagina, loss of vaginal muscle tone, and adverse events on general health.
While these 'plant oestrogens' have rejuvenating properties, studies also revealed its efficacy against estrogen deficiency and best-safe alternative to estrogen replacement therapy (ERT).
A study conducted by the researchers of National Research University-Khon Kaen University, Thailand, archived in Fitoterapia (2012) revealed miroestrol to be effective as "alternative hormone replacement therapy of E2" due to its ability in maintaining estrogen deficiency associated with rapid progression of osteoporosis. (Fitoterapia, 2012 Dec;83(8):1687-92)
Because estrogen deficiency also causing vaginal atrophy symptoms like vaginal dryness or menopausal symptoms, this becomes the best alternative treatment for menopausal and postmenopausal women, or women with low estrogen levels due to many factors (stress, monthly cycles, childbirth, breastfeeding, side effect of fertility drugs or oral contraceptives, etc,).

A study conducted by researchers from Dept. of Biology, Faculty of Science of Chulanlongkom University concluded, "P. mirifica could be applicable for preventing, or as a therapeutic for the symptoms related to estrogen deficiency in menopausal women as well as in andropausal men." (Front Med. 2012 Mar;6(1):8-21)
In addition to miroestrol, the best thing of this botanical sources also it contains chalcone or chalconoid.
It is natural phenols that can accelerate absorption of certain phytochemical contents accompanied with them. It is vitamin P which classified as flavonoids due to its ability on the permeability of vascular capillaries but not classified as alcohol.
This means, as this plant contains miroestrol and other active phytoestrogens, therefore, the absorption of this active phytoestrogen become faster than without phenols.

Why this herb stronger than other herbs that rich in phytoestrogen content?

In addition to miroestrol and its natural phenols, at least 17 phytoestrogen identified on this plant.
As the results, it does not only affect to rejuvenating properties but also antioxidant properties. In fact, their phytoestrogen even can inhibit the growth of tumor cells.

Potential Side Effect and Toxicity
As far as human trials, doses ranging from 25 mg to 100 mg in open-label studies found no side effects or toxicities for 6 months of following-up.
Although no significant adverse effects associated standard supplement dosages, however, it is very wise if using certain natural products containing P. Mirifica should be known by your doctor to prevent any potential adverse risks in accordance to your health status.

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