Pueraria Mirifica for Vaginal Tightening and Rejuvenation
It is well known that estrogen plays an important role for many woman's health, including to their genital organ.

Roles of Estrogen to the Vagina:

Thicken vaginal walls or tissues by stimulating an increase of collagen production which also regenerating cell tissues to keep youthful, elastic and strength. This is important as the tissues become thin over age, frequent of sex, as impact of estrogen deficiency. Maintain vaginal moisturize as it will stimulate vaginal fluid production while keep the pH environment friendly for better vaginal health. This is very common among menopausal women who experience vaginal dryness due to estrogen deficiency and fertile women with low levels of estrogen due to menstrual cycles, childbirth, breastfeeding, etc. Maintain the elasticity and strengthen of vaginal muscles from its estrogenic activities. This is why the women with vaginal or uterus prolapses often unsatisfied with vaginal surgery as the muscles loss its strengthen and the prolapses reoccur post-op over time.

Pueraria Mirifica is one of the best botanical sources for active phytoestrogens, such as miroestrol, many types of isoflavones, dichloromethane, and some others. When these phytoestrogens enter to the cell, their estrogenic activities will activate the estrogen receptors in in the ovary tissue and do their jobs as mentioned above.

That's why the structural changes induced by these estrogenic activities making the extract of this plant also used in breast enhancement as it can tighten breast tissue.

Studies related to the effect of P. mirifica extracts to the vagina have also investigated by scientists which showing an ability in thickening vaginal walls through estrogen activities appeared in the vaginal walls.

A study from the Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibody Hospital, Mahidol University, Thailand, concluded, "Pueraria mirifica 100 and 1,000 mg/kg/day showed an estrogen-like effect on the vaginal and urethral epithelium of ovariectomized rats." (Menopause. 2009 Mar-Apr;16(2):350-6)

Another studies archived in Ftoterapia 2008 Dec,19(7-9) 509-14 demonstrated that certain phytochemical agents called Dichloromethane suspected as the most potent estrogenic activities from this plant.

Estrogenic activities of P. mirifica in overcoming vaginal dryness also studied by other researchers, as well as antiseptic for better vagina pH, structure changes of the vagina, and certain chemistry and function of the vagina.
One of the study concluded, "Pueraria mirifica was proven to exhibit estrogenicity on vaginal tissue, to alleviate vaginal dryness symptoms and dyspareunia, to improve signs of vaginal atrophy, and to restore the atrophy vaginal epithelium in healthy postmenopausal women." (ref)

In other words, women who want to rejuvenate and tighten their vaginal muscles and walls, as well as overcome vaginal dryness and vaginal health, P. mirifica is another best answer besides the Oak gall and the Witch hazel that contained in V-Tight Gel.