Overcome and Cures Vaginal Dryness
Vaginal Dryness in a symptom of vaginal atrophy due to lack of estrogen supply to the female genital organ.
It doesn't only causes painful sex or known as dyspareunia, but also certain uncomfortable conditions, such as burning sensation during urination, vaginal discharge, itching and soreness in the vagina, irritation or injury to the vaginal wall, and susceptible to bacterial infections.

The connection between vaginal dryness and vaginal tightness
Insufficient lubrication on the vagina doesn't only causes dyspareunia or other impact as mentioned above, which is leading to sexual dysfunction or poor female arousal, but it can also reduce the elasticity and tightness of vaginal walls and muscles. Eventually, prolonged condition of this symptom can make the vagina become thin (wall/vaginal tissues), loose and loss its contractions (wall and muscle).
Identification of vaginal dryness
The main cause of vaginal dryness is estrogen deficiency causing poor supply of estrogen to female genital organ. This deficiency can be happened after childbirth, breastfeeding, hormonal imbalance during menstruation, side effects of oral contraceptives, side effects of certain medications (antidepressants, fertility drugs, and some other potential drugs), menopause, unhealthy lifestyle (heavy alcohol drinker, stress), episiotomy during childbirth process, and chemotherapy, including psychological factors (stress, depression, fatigue).
At this point, we know and perhaps you already know that the root cause of vaginal dryness is estrogen deficiency causing your vagina have less supply or even stop at all (particularly among postmenopausal women) with your own estrongen, making your vagina less ability or even inability in producing vaginal fluids.
So, how to maintain your estrogen levels?
Many women with vaginal dryness asked "How to overcome vaginal dryness?", but less of them also asked "How to overcome their estrogen deficiency?".
As the result, many sufferers found a solution with a simply external lubricants which can't help them at all in maintaining their estrogen levels rather than simply lubricates their vagina for "temporary treatment" to cope with painful sex and more pleasure during sexual intercourse.

It is very wise if you are also looking for vaginal lubricant that have estrogenic activities to stimulate vaginal fluid production, replace your insufficient levels of estrogen supply to your female genital organ to support vaginal fluid production which also beneficial for rejuvenating the tissues and muscle, and an ability to increase your own-estrogen delivery to your genital organ through estrogen receptors in the genital area.
Since your own-estrogen also be supplied to other organs and mechanisms (bone, breasts, nail, lipid metabolism, hair, cardiovascular, and much more), all of that effects of external vaginal lubricant becomes the best cure for vaginal dryness and other vaginal atrophy symptoms that works from the root causes while giving instantaneous lubrication to cope with current vaginal dryness.
These symptoms are common in menopausal and postmenopausal women as they are not producing estrogen hormone anymore. However, these symptoms can also be happened to fertile women in any level of deficiency due to poor nutrient intake, unhealthy lifestyle, breastfeeding, diseases, side effect of medications and much more.

Overall, there are two mechanisms to overcome and cure vaginal dryness:
Short-term therapy

Of course, you need to overcome current condition of vaginal dryness, and the water-based gel/cream is the best type of external vaginal lubricant as it won't trap harmful bacteria causing infections like oil-based cream.

Long-term therapy

The external vaginal lubricant should have estrogenic activities that can stimulate vaginal fluid production and/or increasing your own-estrogen supply to your vagina for same job (stimulate vaginal fluid production).
Increasing estrogen supply to your genital organ or using certain phytoestrogen with active estrogenic activities in your genital organ doesn't only cure vaginal dryness, but also rejuvenate the tone of your vaginal muscle for more strength due to its ability in increasing vaginal muscle mass and rejuvenate your vaginal tissues for more youthful, thick, strength, and elastic due to increased your collagen production and exposed to whole vaginal tissues.

This way, you are not only overcoming vaginal dryness by simply lubricates your vagina, but also in few days your vagina has an ability to produce own vaginal fluid production and relieved from vaginal atrophy symptoms, including rejuvenate and tighten up your vaginal wall and muscle.
For that mechanisms, V-Tight Gel offers the best treatment for women who want to overcome and cure their vaginal dryness or any symptom of atrophic, while rejuvenating and tighten up their vagina.
Why V-Tight Gel better than others?
V-Tight Gel contains the most potent of botanical sources containing several phytoestrogens that very high and active with estrogenic activities to overcome vaginal dryness, such as Oak gall and Witch hazel.
To date, there is no strongest estrogenic activities of phytoestrogens than phytoestrogen extracted from these botanical sources. In fact, some of them such as Witch hazel has been compared to other potent botanical sources like Black cohosh and Fenugreek which often used (in both natural products or pharmaceutical products in synthetic form) in treating menopausal symptoms,... and estrogenic activities of Witch hazel showed very aggressive and active than phytoestrogen isolated from black cohosh and fenugreek.

How about Oak gall?
This plant even have great effects for such properties. In fact, the constricting ability which is known as astringent properties initially came from this plant due to tannin content and stronger therapeutic efficacy.

The estrogenic effects of Witch hazel and Oak gall are certainly very helpful for menopausal and postmenopausal women which is described as a woman with the "END of FERTILITY" and great alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) which is commonly prescribed with synthetic drugs and known well associated with breast cancer and cardiovascular risks.

For fertile women, this way even great solution as they don't need just simply lubrication, but also enhance their vaginal functions in producing fluids through strong estrogenic activities from phytoestrogen while increasing their own-estrogen to do similar jobs (producing vaginal fluid for better moisturize).
Otherwise, while you can use any safe lubricants, you can outsmart by consuming vegetables rich in phytoestrogen contents to replace your estrogen deficiency.
Don't worry about safety concern, studies have showed that phytoestrogen is safer than synthetic estrogen due to mimic human estrogen. In fact, they can reduce cancer risk. However, if you have already had breast cancer or having a history of that cancer, then increasing your estrogen may not advisable as you are now "very sensitive" with elevating estrogen levels. At least, ask your doctor before you take it even some studies showed that phytoestrogen showed to be more safe than synthetic estrogen. Just ask your doctor.

The disadvantages of this method (diet from raw vegetables containing phytoestrogen) are, while you get only small amount of phytoestrogen from your daily diet, some of them also become wasted product during digestion. At least, however, it still good alternative for you to replace your estrogen deficiency over time, and hoping their estrogenic quite active to cure your vaginal dryness or atrophy symptoms. Food sources of phytoestrogen includes fenugreek, pomegranates, rice bran, soybeans, sesame seeds, oats, yams, barley, and some others.
In other words, forget it simply lubricants.
Use a lubricant containing highly active phytoestrogens that can increase delivery (supply) of your own-estrogen to your genital organ while independently having estrogenic activities to 'replace' your own-estrogen's job, which is eventually stimulates an ability of your vagina in producing fluid such as the active ingredients on V-Tight Gel.

V-Tight Gel provides ALL of the most potent and very active of human-like estrogen (derived from Witch hazel and and Oak gall) in a single formula of natural cream/gel product backed with scientific evidences and safe. NO chemical contents, preservatives, parabens, synthetic hormone. ALL pure natural extract.
You can also see this page for better understanding why you need this cream for instant lubrication but at the same time you also need to maintain your estrogen levels and enhance your vaginal functions to actively produce vaginal fluids for better moisturize that is not only beneficial for sexual pleasure, but also maintain your vaginal pH for better environment and maintain the elasticity and tightness of your vaginal walls and muscles for better grip.
This is ALL-IN-ONE ANSWER for your vaginal dryness while UPGRADE your vaginal functions and performance.