Vaginal Tightening and Rejuvenation Due to Frequent of Sex
Sexual intercourse is not only the most pleasure activities, but also good for health because it can activate numbers of positive chemical reactions in the body and nervous system. In fact, even though the mechanism remain unclear, some studies have showed in moderate evidences that those who have frequent of sex may look younger than their peer who lack of sexual activities.
However, when compared the benefits of 'more younger' between men and women, the man of course get more advantaged than women.
Vaginal wall are very soft tissues which easily to be thin due to penis friction during penetration. While this thinned tissue can reduce the elasticity and tightness of vaginal walls, frequent of sex can also saturate the vaginal muscle tone. Moreover, when frequent sexual activities also involving rough sex. This could be worst.
For such women, they are certainly need vaginal tissue regeneration that produced by their estrogen. But it requires "pause temporarily" of sex. When the 'sex break' is too short for your estrogen to promote new vaginal cell lining growth, then you can't expect the tightness of your vagina to be stored.
Perhaps you have tried abstain of sex for several days or weeks. Yes, when you have sex, you may feel the sensation looks better, However, when you have sex again after few days, the sensation has gone. This indicated that your estrogen did not have enough time to rejuvenate your vaginal tissues rather than temporarily firmness of your vaginal tissues, or perhaps you have lower estrogen levels. This may include the ability of estrogen to restore the tone of your vaginal muscles.
Due to this, V-Tight Gel offers alternative solution to overcome your loosen vagina within short of time. In fact, many user feel the sensation for less than 5 minutes.
We know that kegel exercise can help women in restoring the strength of vaginal or pelvic floor muscles. However, we also know that it requires consistently and quite long (usually need more than 2 months for routine exercise) to see the positive outcomes. In fact, many of them also failed in this way even have done for months. You can see so many complaint about it in many woman's forums or "yahoo answer".
In addition, this technique is related to vaginal muscle tone. Nothing to do with the tightness and elasticity of vaginal wall.
V-Tight Gel is not only a promising product for vaginal tightening, but also clinically proven due to powerful astringent property that can tight vaginal tissues instantly, and its estrogenic activities can increase collagen expression in the vaginal wall for better elasticity and tightening and many vagina-related health benefits. All of this resulted from the best formula containing several major active ingredients such as Oak Gall or Manjakani and Witch Hazel, as well as other supportive ingredients like Arginine to enhance your sexual performance, and Citric acid, etc to support whole outcomes of V-Tight Gel.
What outcomes of V-Tight Gel?
A. Tighten your vaginal tissues within minutes.
B. Tighten up your vaginal muscles.
C. Rejuvenate the vaginal tissues and muscles through certain estrogenic activities that can increase collagen production and exposure on vaginal wall for youthful texture (firmness, elastic, and thicker) and enhance the tone of vaginal muscles.
D. The estrogenic activities also can restore vaginal fluid production for better moisture, which is not only beneficial to overcome vaginal dryness, painful sex, and any certain vaginal atrophy symptoms, but also keep the elasticity and tightness of vaginal tissues maintained.
E. It also acts like 'estrogen replacement therapy' but in natural way because using phytoestrogen (human estrogen-like from botanical sources) which safest than synthetic one.
If you were categorized as women with hormonal imbalance, or middle-aged women, or under menopause and post-menopause period, then this is the best choice, unless you have already had breast cancer or history with it, then using V-Tight Gel may not suitable for you as you are very sensitive with elevating estrogen levels, even though several studies showed that in fact phytoestrogen can reverse that risk. Just ask or assisted to your doctor to ensures it for better outcomes.
If you had painful sex or dyspareunia due to vaginal dryness, this cream/gel is a water-based product which means it can give an instant lubrication to ease the pain and safest compared with oil-based cream product.
F. For long-term effect, if you are menopausal and postmenopausal women which commonly categorized as women with estrogen deficiency, V-Tight Gel can improve your estrogen levels through their rich in phytoestrogen contents.
G. It may not good if your vagina tight, but your libido and sexual performance are poor. Therefore, V-Tight Gel also have other ingredient of Arginine that have been used for long and proven in boosting female sexual performance.
V-Tight Gel is almost all of your needs for a better sex life in both of you and your partner with a very small cost. Imagine when doing that with surgery that have to spend ranging from $3,000 to $15,000 ...Not even talk about harmful risks and complications.