Vaginal Tightening and Rejuvenation Due to Aging
It does not wrong when many people scared with aging even though this is a natural process. However, as it's associated with many declined functions and texture of human body, many of us looking for something that can delay that process by maintaining certain chemical reactions in the body. This includes female genital organ.
Aging is another reason why the vagina become loose and lost its contraction. Like middle-aged or older women, or those under menopause and post menopause period that experienced with this condition, younger women (below than 30 years old) can also experience with that condition. Of course, these young women may have many reasons, such as being overweight, frequent sex (moreover with rough sex), or genetic factors.
In general, however, aging can cause loose vagina due to hormonal imbalance, particularly with estrogen deficiency, and this low levels of estrogen can be manifested by many factors. Therefore, maintaining this hormone level is important to keep the vagina tight and elastic. You can do that by practicing a healthy lifestyle, such as quit smoking, limit your alcohol consumption, exercise, having enough sleep, and most important thing is consuming healthy diet rich in phytoestrogen contents.
Food sources rich in phytoestrogen contents that were recommended to maintain your estrogen levels includes beans, pomegranates, sesame seeds, fenugreek, rice bran, yams, and some others. Just add them on your daily menu as it also has many other health benefits. However, if you have certain cancers like breast cancer, or at risk or having a history with breast cancer, you should then discuss your doctor whether increase you estrogen levels may exacerbate the risk or disease.
Meanwhile, in medicine this condition often treated with hormone replacement therapy to help that women in maintaining the levels. Unfortunately, this synthetic for of estrogen may increase cancer and cardiovascular risks, and further the US FDA warned the use of such drugs should be used for short-time therapy in accordance to the benefits may outweigh the risks and health status of patient.
Unlike synthetic estrogen, natural estrogen or phytoestrogen showed reverse such risks.
A study conducted by Sarah M. Mense, from the Columbia University and colleagues found that estrogen isolated from botanical sources may have a chemoprotective role against breast cancer due to several mechanisms, such as estrogen-metabolizing enzymes, apoptosis (cancer cells killing themselves), cell differentiation, cell cycle, proliferation, the inflammatory response and various cell signaling pathways (Environ. Health Perspect: 2008;116(4):426-433). In fact, a joint study conducted by the Cancer Institute of New Jersey (NJ), the University of Medicine and Dentist of New Jersey (NJ), the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (NY) and some others found that phytoestrogen even reduced the risk of ovarian cancer. They said, "this study provided some suggestion that phytoestrogen consumption may decrease ovarian cancer risk, although the results did not reach statistical significance." (BMC Womens Health. 2011;11(40)).
In other words, the effect of phytoestrogen can not be compared with synthetic form of estrogen as our knowledge still far from understood with the thousand mechanisms of certain active agents in the botanical sources, including to simply comparison between natural vitamins and synthetic vitamins. And therefore, to date the real mechanism remain unclear.
What most scientists agreed with phytoestrogen is, they are mimic human estrogen, and therefore potentially beneficial for health.

However, as increased levels of estrogen may also negatively affect to breast cancer women, it is wisely if use of external estrogen to increase the levels should be under supervised by your doctor to monitor the progress as they know your current health status.
One of natural product rich in phytoestrogen content that beneficial for vaginal tightening and rejuvenation is V-Tight Gel. It is completely using 100% extract of botanical sources that referred as the most potent herbs with estrogenic activities to maintain estrogen levels and its mechanisms to increase vaginal tightening and elasticity through certain agents known as astringent properties and some others. Therefore, the older women who experienced with loosen vagina can take benefits from this natural formula which also clinically proven in outcomes. Just apply the cream to the genital organ, let the active substances absorb and work for few minutes (usually about 5 minutes)...then constricting of vaginal wall and muscle can be felt in few minutes. Feel young and rejuvenated in short of time naturally. No need weeks or months.
For long-term effects, let the cream maintain your estrogen levels and do some estrogenic activities that can increase your collagen expression in the vaginal wall (making your vaginal wall thicker and narrower), and stimulate own production of vaginal fluids which is not only beneficial for smoothing penile penetration and more pleasure, but also maintaining your vaginal elasticity of walls and muscles, and environment of pH vagina for better health.
This is a Complete Answer for your sex life and health as you're getting older, and safe of course.
You can see the most potent botanical sources that highly active in estrogenic activities to help your estrogen deficiency in order to rejuvenate and tighten both your vaginal muscle and wall, as well as maintain vaginal moisturize and health here.