Vaginal Rejuvenation and Tightening


Like or dislike, our sex life is dynamically changing over time. Frequent of sex, abnormal menstruation, vaginal delivery, breastfeeding, aging and menopause period are the most common factors causing declined vaginal tightness, loss of elasticity, loosen vagina, and dryness, in addition to the side effects or certain medications, diseases, oral contraceptives, stress, and unhealthy lifestyle. As the result, many women or men complained about their sex life which in turn causes painful sex or no more fun and enjoyable.
Although that is a nature of human being, however, it is not impossible to restore it in certain ways. The problem is, how safe and effective of the method.

Vaginal Tightening and rejuvenation are not something new anymore nowadays. In fact, with certain exercises like Kegels, the postpartum women may restore the strength of their pelvic muscles, which is beneficial for vaginal grip during penetration.
This method referred as the safest method for vaginal tightening related to their muscle tone and recommended by many gynecologists. Unfortunately, many women also failed with this method as it needs time (weeks to months), consistency, and appropriate techniques. Moreover, newly mothers are usually too busy with their baby and routine activities. Therefore, it is not surprised when seeing so many women complained about the result even though been done for months, and they should also know that this method has nothing to do with the tightness and elasticity of vaginal wall.

Surgery is another method in medical science to tight vaginal wall and muscles with Vaginoplasty or Perineoplasty and the lips (labia minora and labia majora) with Labiaplasty both using conventional surgical procedures or using laser technology which is known as Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation (LVR). Yet, this method still lack of therapeutic efficacy while harmful risks clearly seen in every step of the processes. Starting from anesthesia, during operation and post-op. Therefore, while ACOG did not classify this method as a justified surgical procedure and put the outcomes based on cosmetic surgeon skills, this method should be used as a last option if you really need that. Just consider about the cost ranging from $5,000 to $15,000.

In addition, keep in mind that these procedures have nothing to do with rejuvenating properties, such as rejuvenate vaginal tissue cells (for more thick, elastic and youthful structure), enhance vaginal fluid production which is not only beneficial for overcoming vaginal dryness but also to the tightness and elasticity of vaginal wall and muscle, and restoring the pelvic muscle tone RATHER THAN simply cutting both the tissue and muscle for more narrow. It's all about "reconstruct" of physical appearance. Unfortunately, many women underwent this surgical procedures will also experience with loss of its sensitivity as the operation also cut so many nerves in the vagina. This effect can be last for years or even permanent that makes the women rethinks whether this risk acceptable or not in addition to other risks such as bleeding, infections, etc.

How About Natural Vaginal Tightening and Rejuvenation?
Natural intervention offers unique mechanisms for vaginal tightening and rejuvenation, as well as restoring female libido. This is because they work from the root cause in accordance to biochemical process of human body.
The great news is, even though this is a natural method, for tightness sensation however, it can be achieved instantly without potentially posting harmful risks when used appropriately, as well as lubrication and female arousal. When this is compared to surgical procedure, it is certainly offering many advantages.
The problem is, are they clinically proved either to the natural substances or the product itself?
Here are some botanical sources that have certain substances and clinically proved in rejuvenating and tightening properties.

Pueraria Mirifica
This plant is very popular in Asian countries, particularly in Thailand for rejuvenating properties. Furthermore, scientists found their estrogenic activities is very active than other phytoestrogen sources like fenugreek and black cohosh.
When this phytoestrogen entering the cells, they will instantly activate the estrogen receptors either in the tissues of ovary, uterus, or breast.
Thereafter, certain effects can be obtained including the thickeness of vaginal walls, increase vaginal fluid production, and rejuvenate the elasticity and tightness of vaginal tissues and muscle.

Although this process is similar to basic role of human estrogen, however, the accelerating process is significantly different. Moreover, they also contain certain phytochemical agent of Tannin than can shrink or constrict the vaginal tissues in second.
The studies related to estrogenic activities from this botanical source has investigated by some researchers.
A study from Mahidol University, Thailand revealed that the estrogenic activities of P. mirifica extract occurred significantly in the vaginal and urethral epithelium with certain doses (100 and 1,000 mg/kg/day). (ref)
It means, their estrogenic activities clinically proved has an ability in regenerating vaginal tissues. Therefore, those who want to rejuvenate their vaginal wall or tissues, the phytoestrogen from this plant is highly recommended.

Another studies archived in Menopause on October 2007 also revealed that the phytoestrogen from this plant showed an ability to rejuvenate vaginal tissues, overcome vaginal dryness from the root cause (estrogen deficiency), enhance vaginal fluid production, and atrophy vaginal epithelium in healthy postmenopausal women.
It means, any impacts of estrogen deficiency (lack of vaginal lubrication, dyspareunia, loss the tightness and elasticity of vaginal muscles and walls, and menopausal symptoms - hot flashes, mood swing), P. mirifica is one of the best botanical source to overcome it.
All of this effect of estrogenic activities further addressed to specific substance known as Miroestrol. Regardless some argues about how this substance occurred as some researchers found another phytochemical substances from this plant (Dichlormethane) that responsible in producing miroestrol, miroestrol now has patented as Mirofirm™ due to its efficacy.
On the other hand, for those experienced with loosen vagina due to childbirth, frequent of sex, overweight, and some other factors, fortunately, this plant also contain tannin that known in medicine have astringent properties.
While this substance can constrict the tissues instantly, they also can enhance blood flow to that area for more strength.

Oak gall
This is another great botanical source with estrogenic activities and anti-bacterial. This plant also native to Asian countries and have been used for hundred years among Asian postpartum women in restoring their vaginal tightness and health post delivery.
Furthermore, the scientists found that this plant is very rich in tannin content that can tighten the vaginal muscles. In fact, the history of Tannin originally came from this plant and further rapidly used in many industries. Therefore, in the literature tannin means Oak gall.
This plant isn't not only rich in tannin content, but also several methanolic extracts for many benefits, such as increase blood flow in clitoral area, anti-fungi, anti-bacterial. This chemical substances also archived in the Annals of Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobials 2012. (ref)

Witch Hazel
The bark and leaves of this plant also rich in tannin content. The great thing about this plant is, they also contains small molecules that can accelerate absorption to the cell membranes and reach intracellular sites for certain action (in this case, they carries tannin and certain phytoestrogen contents). This substance known as natural phenols which its work has been well documented in pharmacology. Some of them by German researchers archived in the Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry, 2011. Aug;401(2):677-88.
It means, witch hazel offers fast outcomes in constricting vaginal tissues and having certain estrogenic activities that can rejuvenate vaginal wall, muscle, and vaginal fluid production.
Similarly to P. mirifica and Oak gall, Witch hazel also contains some properties of antimicrobial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-toxic. Studies further revealed that their anti-toxic properties even can fight colon cancer cells. (ref)
Another botanical sources which also great in rejuvenating properties showed by Curcuma comosa.
This plant also native to Asian countries, particularly in Thailand which studies latter found a great alternative to estrogen replacement therapy to overcome vaginal dryness, vaginal wall prolapse, restoring the tightness of vaginal muscles, and vaginal health. One of the studies archived in the Journal of agricultural and food chemistry on Jan 2012.
They write on the paper, "these data suggest that the vascular relaxation effect of C. comosa in mediated via endothelial cells" of ovariectomized rats indicating a prevention of impairment of vascular relaxation in estrogen-deficient animals as well as promotoing anti-inflammatory response.

In the Indian System of Medicine (ISM), there is also botanical sources containing symphonoside that beneficial in vaginal rejuvenating and health. That is known as Symplocos racemosa in addition to Terminalia chebula that have aphrodisiac and anti-inflammatory properties.
And some others...
However, from whole botanical sources that have significant effects in rejuvenating and tightening vaginal walls and muscles, as well as enhance vaginal lubricating production, against vaginal or uterus prolapse, other impacts of estrogen deficiency and vaginal health, are P. mirifica, Oak gall, Witch hazel, and C. comosa.
Because that herbs have "specialties" for greatest effect, therefore, taking all of them become a COSTLY-TREATMENT if we want the BEST OUTCOMES for vaginal rejuvenation and tightening.
Therefore, V-Tight Gel provides almost whole of them, particularly with Oak gall and Witch hazel in addition to other supportive ingredients like Arginine, Citric Acid etc. to enhance tightening and rejuvenating processes, as well as the absorption of active substances.
If the women also experienced with poor libido due prolonged effect of vaginal dryness or impacts of estrogen deficiency, as well as other factors (stress, mood), then V-Tight Gel also contains Arginine which have been showed in many studies for sexual arousal. In addition, studies also found that their ginsenosides (a series of tetracyclic triterpenoid saponins) have aphrodisiac properties, and this is not caused by hormone secretion, but directly affect to the central nervous system and genital organ in both male and female.
For maximum outcomes in vaginal tightening and rejuvenation, of course it needs comprehensive mechanism to give best results. And this is what V-Tight Gel do.

What is V-Tight Gel anyway?
Nothing, just a cream/gel with all natural ingredients.
It contains active substances extracted from Oak Gall's fruit and Witch Hazel's leaf.
It is formulated to help any woman who want to have youthful vaginal sensation and functions, rejuvenate their genital organ (including their vaginal or pelvic muscle), vaginal health, enhance female libido, and positive impacts on health related to an improvement of estrogen deficiency.
Outcomes of V-Tight Gel

Instantaneous lubrication to eliminate painful sex (dyspareunia) and safe due to water-based cream. Unlike oil-based cream that can trap the bacteria causing yeast infections, vaginosis or even to cervix cancer if left untreated, this is great alternative to lubricate the vagina for more pleasure. Instant tightness of vaginal wall due to rich in tannin content (mostly in few minutes after application). This phytochemical contents obtained from Oak gall and Witch hazel. Regenerating vaginal tissues or rejuvenating vaginal walls through the strong estrogenic activities that can increase collagen production thus exposed to the tissues as well as restore the elasticity and hole shape. Restore and tighten up vaginal or pelvic floor muscle tone while increasing muscle mass for more strength that can be measured through maximally voluntary contraction (MVC) and endurance with perionometer or vaginal manometry due to estrogenic activities of that extracts, as well prevent vaginal or uterus prolapse and urinary incontinence. Enhance vaginal fluid production for better vaginal moisturize from that estrogenic activities. This is not only beneficial for curing vaginal dryness, but also keep maintain the elasticity of vaginal tissues. Enhance female libido instantly. Prevent and against bacterial infections for better vaginal health. Safe and Cost-Effective.

This is a Total Vaginal Rejuvenation and Tightening that works from whole aspects causing declined structural and function of female genital organ. NO chemical content, NO Parabens, NO Preservatives, and NO synthetic hormone. Visit the official site of V-Tight Gel for more detail.